Research Team


Our research team is a multi-disciplinary collaboration between the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of Pittsburgh. This team is lead by Dr. Chris Crnich and Dr. Jay Ford at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Dr. David Nace at the University of Pittsburgh.

Chris Crnich, MD, PhDChris Crnich, MD, PhD

Chris Crnich, MD, PhD, is an Infectious Diseases physician with an interest in healthcare-associated infections (HAI). Dr. Crnich studies the transmission of antimicrobial-resistant organisms and has worked collaboratively with nursing homes across the state of Wisconsin to provide improved infection-related care to nursing home residents.

Jay Ford, PhDJay Ford, PhD

Jay Ford, PhD, is an Industrial Engineer with a focus on health systems engineering and quality improvement. Dr. Ford has implemented practice improvement and sustainability projects in several areas of healthcare, including behavioral healthcare (mental health and addiction treatment), falls prevention and antibiotic stewardship.

David Nace, MD, MPHDavid Nace, MD, MPH

David Nace, MD, MPH, is a Geriatric Medicine physician with an interest in improving the quality of care provided to nursing home residents. Dr. Nace has worked with nursing homes across Pennsylvania to improve the safety and quality of care provided to nursing home residents.

Edmond RamlyEdmond Ramly, PhD

Edmond Ramly, PhD, is Assistant Professor of Health Systems Engineering in the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He studies the design and implementation strategies for organizational interventions in primary care and long-term care settings. In addition to his role in intervention design and work system analysis for the OASIS Collaborative, Dr. Ramly is conducting similar research in assisted living and ambulatory settings.

Research Staff

Our research staff facilitate all aspects of the research from data collection to analysis. The research team is supported by many individuals in our various departments at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of Pittsburgh.

Grace WelhamGrace Welham

Grace Welham, PharmD, PhD, is a Social Pharmacist who studies prescriber decision-making. In addition to her role as project manager for the OASIS Collaborative, Dr. Welham has studied pain management decision-making in Primary Care prescribers.

ThereseTherese Van Male

Therese Van Male, RN, MSN, is the coach for the OASIS Collaborative. A Registered Nurse with experience in long term care, quality improvement and regulatory compliance issues, Therese works with nursing home staff to assist with incorporating the OASIS intervention into their daily practice.

Gulsum AndersonGulsum Anderson

Gulsum Anderson, Ph.D is a Clinical Research Coordinator at University of Pittsburgh, Division of Geriatric. She has over 10 years of experience as a biomedical research scientist as well as clinical research, training and mentoring graduate students and UPMC fellows. Dr. Anderson received her Ph.D in Molecular Biology from the University of Swansea-Wales, U.K. Before joining Geriatric Department, she completed AHRQ sponsored clinical study for Dr. Steven Handler who is specialized on medication safety and Adverse Drug events among older adults in variety of settings. Currently, managing and coordinating 2 AHRQ funded studies for Dr. David Nace; a national antimicrobial stewardship toolkit for nursing facilities (OASIS), and updating guidelines for urinary tract infection (UTI) management as well as implementing a program to improve its management in LTC settings. In addition, Dr. Anderson is participating in CDC sponsored multi-center study focusing on clinical effectiveness and the immunogenicity of influenza vaccines for Center for Vaccine Research at University of Pittsburgh. 

Photo UnavailableStacey Saracco

Stacey Saracco is a Registered Nurse and has worked on numerous research projects at the University of Pittsburgh. She has coordinated studies in the areas of stroke, adult health and behavior, blood banking, influenza vaccine and heart failure. She is a Clinical Research Coordinator for the University of Pittsburgh Division of Geriatrics where she is currently Project Coordinator for the IOU Study: Improving Outcomes of UTI.

DaRae CoughlinDaRae Coughlin

DaRae Coughlin, RN, MSN, is a nurse practitioner with experience in practice improvement in long term care. In addition to antibiotic stewardship, she has expertise in falls prevention, chronic pain management and smoking cessation. As the coach for the OASIS Collaborative, DaRae works with nursing home staff to assist with incorporation of the OASIS intervention into their antibiotic prescribing process.